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Type "C"


Around 1954/55, the Type C came on the market. It was normally sold with no internal framework or bulkheads. It looked a lot like John Coombs' Connaught ALSR; in fact it was alleged to have been created from the aluminium body of that car (hence the 'C'), when it had come into the workshop for repairs and had moulds quickly taken off it overnight.


The shell was one-piece and aimed at the common wheelbase of 7ft 6in, although it could be modified to fit longer wheelbases if required, and was priced at £75. With its deeply scalloped front wings the styling was very reminiscent of the Aston Martin DB3S.


There was no passenger door cut as standard and the grille opening was left to the builder; bonnet and bootlid were supplied cut, flanged and rebated with separate driver's door and inner wheelarch panels also supplied. With its aerodynamic shape the Type C was often used for racing and has been known on chassis from Buckler to TVR, including BSA Scout, Cooper, MG TA, Ford 8, Lister-Bristol and Tojeiro, but it is believed that only around 30 were sold.


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Type C

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