Rochdale 750 Mk2a


Early Years: Bodies for Austin 750 Specials

Alloy Bodies


Frank Butterworth and his friends were involved in motor racing with the 750 Motor Club; they would race old Austin Sevens with cut-down bodies. Before long Rochdale Motor Panels was producing a complete cigar-shaped aluminium body, called the Mark II, for the 750 racers. With the support and business the Mark II brought they were even able to field a team at the 750 Club's Six-Hour Relay race, which they won!




Other aluminium bodies were supplied for John Horridge's Jehu, which won the 1954 Bol d'Or; Alex MacMillan's Lamgia (Lancia chassis, MG engine) and Gilly Tyrer's Supermoter. Even though work came in, complex aluminium bodies were too expensive for their friends because of the labour involved, especially if the driver crashed the car in its first race.


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