Rochdale Owners Club Magazines


I am in the process of making the Rochdale Owners Club past magazines available to view on the web site.


This is a mammoth task and won't happen over night, however I have made a start. The format of the magazines will be slightly different to the hard copy and will have time sensitive stuff removed, however the articles will be able to be viewed in full which in itself has to be a positive thing.


As soon as we have something worth looking at I will make it live, with (probably) a link from the front page of the web site.



Rochdale Owners Club forum


The Rochdale Owners Club forum is now back up and running.


The update is now done and all paid up members of the Owners Club should have full access to the forum. If you have paid the 2015-16 membership fees and do not currently have access to the forum just drop me a line on with your name, membership number and your preferred email address and I will do the rest.




Rochdale Olympic Parts List


We are currently working on a list of parts fitted to Rochdale Olympics. This will include the parts origin and alternatives if there was more that one source, i.e. the car they were originally fitted to, and part numbers where appropriate. Hopefully it will also include part numbers and possible suppliers for generic parts fitted to the cars.


If this proves to be successful the intention is to roll it out for other Rochdale models


  • Olympic parts list

    Lots of Olympic and GT parts are available through the owners club, see 'spares'


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