Riviera Riviera Riviera

The Rochdale Riviera


While Rochdale's competitors were fighting over the two-seat sports market, Harry and Frank believed they had spotted a gap in the quality convertible market. With this in mind they took the roof off a GT and, with a wider, flatter grille, they de-emphasised the narrowness of the body. Flares were added stretching back along the wings from the top of the wheelarches.

In September 1959 the Riviera hit the market, first being available as a two-seater. It was equipped with:

1. wind-up windows

2. integral windscreen

3. rear bumper mouldings

4. full weather equipment (collapsible leathercloth hood and hood frame already fitted)

The car with its fine specification would cost £140, which might have seemed expensive against other open shells available, until you looked at just what you got for the money.

Development continued and by November a four-seater version was announced. It was supplied complete with detachable hardtop for only £8 extra. Though the Riviera was in most people's opinion Rochdale's most attractive car design, it didn't sell well and in 1961 when production was halted by the fire, only around 50 had been made.


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