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Rochdale Olympic phase 2, front suspension.




The front suspension on the phase 2 Olympic is derived from the Triumph Herald/Spitfire, and is of a twin wishbone design using a spring/ damper assembly which is similar to the donor vehicle, it also has disc brakes. There are some subtle differences from the donor vehicle which are covered below.




The front upright/kingpin derives from the Triumph range having a trunnion mounting for the bottom wishbone and a taper ball joint for the top wishbone.

The inner mounting of the wishbones are on Rochdale Motor Panels own fabricated sub frame, and all associated components also mount to this frame. Unlike the donor vehicle the bottom wishbones are split on the Olympic and are mounted on the apposing sides of the car (i.e. the nearside is fitted on the offside, and the offside is fitted to the nearside) this moves the anti roll bar mounting to allow the RMP anti roll bar to be fitted.




1. Top wishbone.

2. Top wishbone pivot bush.

5. Top trunnion swivel.

6. Rubber seal.

7. Top pivot bolt.

8. Nut.

9. Spring washer.

10. Kingpin.

11. Nut.

12. Spring washer.

13. Stub axle.

14. Stub axle nut.

15. Washer.

16. Hub oil seal.

17. Inner bearing.

18. Front hub.

19. Wheel stud.

20. Outer bearing.

21. Washer for nut.

22. Stub axle nut.

23. Split pin.

24. Steering arm.

25. Bolt.

26. Washer.

27. Bolt.

28. Washer.

29. Steering arm bolt.

30. Steering arm nut.

31. Bottom wishbone.

32. Bottom wishbone pivot bush.

42. Bottom trunnion.

43. Trunnion pivot bush.

44. Trunnion pivot.

45. Trunnion pivot seal.

46. Trunnion pivot bolt.

47. Washer.

48. Nut.

49. Trunnion/king pin seal.

50. Road spring.

51. Damper.

52. Damper pivot bush bottom.

53. Damper nut.

54. Damper lock nut.

55. Top suspension mounting plate.

56. Washer.

57. Bush.

58. Bolt.

59. Washer.

60. Nut.

61. Washer.

62. Nut.




Front suspension general

The front suspension is independent type consisting of the built-up lower wishbone. Hydraulic telescopic damper assembly with the coil spring mounted on the damper assembly at the bottom and onto a mounting plate at the top, this plate is attached to the fabricated sub frame with 3 studs. The top wishbone is also a two piece item.


The inner pivots for the top and bottom wishbones are mounted onto the front sub frame which has 1/2" BSF or 1/2"UNF studs, the wishbones have rubber bushes to allow some compliance in the system and to reduce noise transfer from the suspension. The top wishbone outer pivot is via a tapered ball joint which attaches to the top of the kingpin. The bottom wishbone outer pivot is via a trunnion mounting and attaches to the bottom of the kingpin. The steering rack is a standard Triumph Herald/Spitfire item and is mounted on the fabricated sub frame on rubber mounts, the outer ends attach to the kingpin steering arms with taper mounted track rod ends. The RMP anti roll bar is mounted on the front sub frame and attaches to the bottom wishbone via a modified drop link.










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