Mike Faloon, Ex Dave Rees Rochdale Mk2.


Rochdale Mk 2 in 1953 on one of its first outings in the hands of Dave Rees.

Rochdale Mk2 being put through its paces at Silverstone in the early 1950's. The very wide line Dave has taken at Woodcote was probably not planned. Note the different style nose on the car, this was as a result of some very enthusiastic driving resulting in contact with one of the oil drums which were used to mark out the corners.

Dave Rees takes pole position at Oulton Park circuit in Cheshire. Dave lived just down the road from Oulton Park and could be seen racing a variety of cars at events held here.

The restoration begins in earnest.

The weeks leading up to the Northern Classic Car show see progress being made on the body.

The panelwork is held in place by removable clamps prior to finishing the riviting.

Having returned from the show we replace the car alongside Keith Hamer's 1996 championship winning 750 Trophy car which was loosely based on a Mk2 Rochdale.